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8 Best Office Chair Designs That Are a Perfect Combination of Style & Comfort

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Nowadays, most of the offices are moving towards an open culture, as a pleasant and open environment tends to boost the productivity of the employees. What makes an open culture more interesting is its interior decor. Many organizations are moving towards creating an ambient space for offices with comfortable furniture. These include bean bags, sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, desks, cabinets, and more.

Be it any workspace, chairs play a vital role in deciding the comfort. The work culture in today’s world leads to spending approximately 9 to 10 hours daily in the office. Sitting for a longer period can lead to various spine problems. For avoiding such issues, every office must have a comfortable seating arrangement for its employees.

If you are planning to set up an office or buy an office chair for yourself, then here are some of the best options that you can choose from:

Junior Fabric Office Executive Chair:

An amalgamation of style and comfort, this chair comes attached with wheels. So, you don’t have to worry about walking up to your neighbor for any doubts or work. It has an elegant white color finish and features seat height adjustments. Therefore, you won’t have to bend over your desk or sprain your neck while working on the laptop. Although made from plastic, this chair is sturdy and durable.

Hugo Small Leatherette Office Arm Chair:

This classy office chair bears a brown matte finish apt for any contemporary and modern office decor. Made from PU leatherette, it is quite comfortable providing you a cushiony effect. It comes with an armrest, so you can place your elbows on it and work conveniently. It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Leatherette Study Stacking Chair:

This swivel chair features a contemporary look. It comes with seat height adjustment functionality. So, you can adjust your chair to whatever level you want to match your desk. The matte leatherette finish is sure to take your office decor up a notch. You can also lock the seat to avoid falling off. The armrests provide your elbows the desired comfort while working.

Crystal Plastic Office Chair:

These chairs are available in two color options: red and white. The curved backrest of the chair features an abstract net-like design. This makes it apt for contemporary or modern decor. Although stylish, this chair is also comfortable to sit. It can be placed in the reception area to set up a seating arrangement for visitors.

Diego Fabric Office Chair:

This sturdy chair comes attached with wheels for easy movement. Thanks to the height adjustment functionality, you can now adjust your seat to match the level of your desk. Made from leatherette, this chair is utterly comfortable like a cushion. The backrest provides enough support for your back. It also features a locking mechanism. The dark brown color finish gives it a formal look apt for any style of the office.

Xylo Half Leather High Back Office Chair:

This swivel chair features a dual-tone color finish. The attached wheels offer the smooth movement of the chair. The armrests provide support for elbows as you work conveniently. You can adjust the seat height to match the height of your desk, so you don’t have to bend over the desk. The high backrest is quite comfortable; therefore, it avoids the complication of the spine.

Russell Leatherette High Back Office Chair:

This revolving chair features a high backrest that is very much comfortable. The silver-black color combination gives it a stylish appearance. It is ideal for contemporary offices. It comes with a seat adjustment functionality and locking mechanism. The armrests let you work conveniently while allowing you to place your elbows in comfort.

Antonio Fabric Office Chair:

This leatherette chair features open armrests for a comfortable elbow resting. The seat adjustment functionality lets you adjust the seat as per your convenience. The seat is semi-soft and gives a cushiony effect. Thanks to the high backrest, you can rest your back without facing any spine issues.

Other seating options:

Who said office seating needs to be formal? With the increasing office decor trend, organizations are moving towards stylish seating. Therefore, you can choose from comfortable and modern seating options, such as colorful bean bags, patchwork iconic chairs, lounge chairs, cantilever chairs, ottomans, and pouffes.

So, What’s Your Choice?

We understand that choosing from so many options is a task. But, we hope that some of the options mentioned above would be helpful. Before buying an office chair, fix a budget, look at alternatives, compare, test, and then buy.

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