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A Guide to Cost-Effective Landscape Design

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If you would like to turn your outdoor area into something special, think about it as you would a room, after all, it is a space that doesn’t have physical walls, but that shouldn’t make any difference design wise. The best way to design a garden. or indeed any outdoor area, is to create a floor plan, preferably to scale, and features can be added to that one by one.

Professional Landscape Design

If you enlist the services of a reputable landscape design firm, you can be sure that the outcome will exceed your expectations, as these people are able to turn a person’s concept into a workable design. If you approach such a company, they would start from scratch, noting your input, and come up with a working design that incorporates your ideas, and many would incorporate 3D technology, which allows them to build a three-dimensional image that lets the client see how the finished project would look.

Working to Budget

Whether you are looking to revamp your garden, or transform your outdoor area at your place of business, the landscape designer would wish to know your allotted budget for the project, which would help him with the design. The budget very much determines the scope of the project, and a good design firm would be able to carry out the design to the client’s budget, which might take some innovation, and with careful choice of materials, it is possible to create a stunning space for a reasonable price.

Start with Inanimate Objects

When designing an outdoor area, there are certain inanimate features that cannot be moved. Retaining walls, staircases, ramps and fences are all inanimate objects that must be included in the layout, and with clever use of softscaping (trees, shrubs, plants and flora) can blend these items into the final design. A row of baby conifers can hide an ugly fence, or some creeping ivy can interact well with a concrete wall, but whatever you decide, these inanimate objects need to be included in the floor plan.

Making the Best of Nature

All kinds of trees, shrubs, flowers and fauna can all be incorporated into a design, and with careful shaping and pruning, these features will blend in well with the surroundings. Bringing in a few cubic metres of topsoil can create a refreshing corner feature, and a few rocks can be used to build an interesting rockery.

Major Outdoor Features

If you have ever seen a state of the art water fountain that is computer controlled, you will realise the potential that hi-tech gadgets can bring into an outdoor area, and with LED lighting, you can really highlight major outdoor features, and next time you visit the city of Singapore, you can see some great examples of how major features can be used to transform walkways, parks and relaxation areas. Of course, this type of feature can easily be scaled down to fit the space, but as far as cities go, Singapore has some great examples of how to design outdoor spaces.

Talk to a landscape design expert today and transform your outdoor area, you won’t regret it.

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