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A Step By Step Guide to Cleaning your Home

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The annual spring cleaning can be a stressful time, especially if you do not have the equipment you need to carry out the job, and if you are planning a deep clean in your home, here is a step by step guide to help you plan and implement the operation.

  • Planning – Like any other project, you do need to make sure that you have all the tools and equipment for the clean; items like brooms, mops and buckets all need to be sourced prior to starting work.
  • Protecting Furniture & Flooring – You will need to procure some old sheets or blankets to cover immovable furniture and carpets and they need to be laid down before the cleaning begins. Of course, if you would rather call in the professionals, an online search will help you to source affordable home cleaning in Christchurch, who can make short work of the job.
  • Start at the Top – If you live in a two-storey house, you should begin at the top floor, then moving to the ground floor when the upstairs is finished. Each room should begin with dusting the ceiling and walls, then leaving the room for 15-20 minutes to allow dust to settle, after which, you can continue with the clean.
  • Airflow & Ventilation – It is important to air the room after it has been cleaned, so open a couple of windows at different locations, which would create an airflow and remove any floating dust.
  • Rubbish Removal – We only find out how much junk we have at home when we actually go through every room, and you can expect to fill a few bin bags and maybe you will discover enough to warrant hiring a small skip. Old devices that no longer work, packaging, old clothing and other unwanted items are all likely to be encountered, so make sure you plan accordingly.

The best time to carry out a spring clean is a dry weekend, and with all the tools and equipment at hand, you should be able to finish the job in a single day and you can look forward to a clean and fresh home.












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