July 30, 2021

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All about Kingsman Brand of Electronic Fireplaces

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Adding a mantel to your fireplace can improve the overall look or even add up the focal point in your room significantly. It’s always a good idea to buy a Kingsman fireplaces mantel kit that makes your fireplace look right. With a few simple tools, you can install a mantel kit without much difficulty.

Installing a Fireplace Mantel Surround

  • Place the mantel around your fireplace: You can adjust this carefully to frame your chimney equally. Make sure the mantel is extended on both sides of the hearth at an equal distance. The measuring tape and torpedo level can be used to make sure that the mantel is perfectly horizontal side to side and front to backside.
  • Marking the territory: You may draw an outline on around the edges of the mantel along the top and side of the fireplace with a pencil or a piece of crayon. Remove the mantel from the fireplace and place it on a smooth surface.
  • Mark the mounting board’s location: make a different set of lines that serve as outer edge or cleats. The cleat can be measured by inserting it into the back of the mantel the way it will be on the wall. Measure the length from the bottom of the mantel to the top.

From the edge above, you can also measure the inside of the mantel to position your cleat to the top of the shelf. Measure the cleat sides that attach to the wall and add the sums together.

  • Preparing the mounting boards: At strategic points, you can attach the mounting boards to the wall around the hearth to create a framework for the mantel. You should use at least 3 assembly panels; 1 for each side and 1 for the top, respectively. More cleats can also be added.
  • Monitor the mounting boards against your new wall markers and cut the cleats to size using a screw. Ensure that the top cleat is one foot short of the shelf.
  • The mounting boards are dry fit. Adjust the top cleat and then its two legs. You needn’t fit perfectly. The length of cleats could be adjusted if necessary.
  • Locating and marking the wall studs: attach the cleats to 3 studs behind the mantel if you are fixing the mantel to the drywall. After that, mark the center of the stubble to the cleat line.
  • You can locate a wall stud with a stud finder. Any home improvement store, you can purchase a stud finder.
  • You can test the knock to find the side of the electrical outlet clutched on the stud. Use your hand’s heel to knock the wall gently on each side of the outlet. You should be aware that, unlike the side with the stub, the side without the stub sounds hollow.

Then attach the mounting boards to the wall and install the fireplace mantel.