July 30, 2021

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Garden This Year

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If you reside in an area that doesn’t have parks or other recreational spaces nearby, you’re likely to have realised how important a garden, irrespective of its size, is. There are a variety of mental health benefits attributed to spending time outdoors. Sadly, with many restrictions that have been imposed on people all over the world, the only recreational place they will be able to safely visit may be their garden.

The question begs: How can you get the most out of your garden this year? We are going to offer some helpful guidelines and tips to help you enjoy everything your garden has to offer.

First off, map out your garden. What would you like your personal escape space to look like?  Will it be a Japanese-inspired zen space, complete with a yoga studio, and Bonsai trees, or is your preference a fragrant flower garden that will entice birds and insects to visit?

Secondly, ensure that you have the correct equipment for the task at hand. Buy two-stroke petrol for your lawnmower, invest in some fertiliser and potting soil for your seedlings, sharpen your pruning shears, and replace tools that are no longer able to do the job. Given the value of the items, and the potential harm posed by some, such as pesticides, it is advisable to store everything under lock and key. Garden sheds or custom log cabins are an ideal storage solution.

Next, tidy up. Mow the lawn, replace any broken paving blocks, and weed the flowerbeds. Not only are you laying the foundation for an inviting green space, but you are also releasing endorphins from the physical work. It’s a win-win situation.

Now that you’ve done the groundwork, you’re ready to start turning your plan into reality. Knowing that you’re going to be spending a substantial amount in your garden, it’s a good idea to have some comfortable seating scattered around. Depending on your budget, this could be anything from a small wooden bench, to more comfortable, cushioned seating.

Add colour by planting varieties of flowering plants and even fruit trees, such as crab apples or blueberries. There are many plants available in the United Kingdom that flower throughout the year, thus offering you hours of joy as you enjoy their rainbow and fragrance. Some such plants include, but are not limited to, forest pansies, oak hydrangeas, asters, and carnations.

If you prefer something more structured, you can add green shrubs that can be sculptured into a topiary. Shrubs that work excellently for this kind of garden art are box and yew. Speak to the horticulturist at your nursery about other evergreens that may be suitable for this purpose.

Having a water feature adds another enjoyable, relaxing element to any garden. The sound of babbling water does wonders to ease away the tension of long commutes and hectic workdays. What’s great about a fountain is that it can either be purchased or, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, designed and created by yourself, using different materials.

There are endless ideas available, limited only by your imagination. With the few tips we’ve offered, we’re sure you have more than just a starting point. Happy gardening!