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Houdini Glass From Leading Architectural Glass Supplies in Singapore

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Kario Glass is one of the leading architectural glass supplier singapore. We cover everything from A to Z in glass solutions. In this post, we will focus on the Houdini glass, we provide locally.

Houdini glass

Houdini glass is recommended for all architectural designs. It optimizes privacy while receiving maximum daylight. In regards to material properties, it is a crystalline, low iron decorative glass. It offers a sheer, light aesthetic ambience. It provides maximum level of privacy, next only to brick walls. We deliver them in cut to size, which is readily installable. You can get it in tempered or laminated form. In regards to texture, it has got a refined, obscuring, micro-ribbed surface.

With its amazing capabilities, the glass surface obscures shape of objects behind it. It can transform conference rooms, windows, doors and partitions into something magical. Similarly, your loved one is going to look so romantic behind the glass. The glass adds grandness to hospitals, offices, schools and what not.

Receives maximum daylight

In theory, it follows the principles of sustainable design. In other words, it encourages maximum amount of daylight to pass through every corner in the building. Natural sunlight improves the comfort levels of occupants. The glass pays for itself by reducing the need for expensive interior lighting. It’s one of the reasons why most architects consider glass walls. It gives a contemporary, visually appealing design.

This glass is not just an eye candy. Its strength lies in the list of functionalities. Transparent glass walls interfere with privacy. But Houdini glass with its ultra-clear, obscuring pattern delivers maximum daylight as well as privacy. There is no need for a compromise on either front. Hence, design professionals consider this glass for a range of applications. It suits well for privacy screens and partitions. It does well as ceiling and wall. Most design applications can be enhanced with it.

Why us?

All of our architectural glasses can be laminated with tons of colors. They add energy and vitality to any given space. DIY enthusiasts can enjoy our cut to size, ready to install, glasses. You can order directly through our website. For queries, contact us via website or social media pages. With us, you have the ability to enhance ambience without having to spend heavily for interior designing.

We help prioritize you needs the right way. Usually, a local vendor works with one motto – sell his/her products. That’s exactly where our glass solutions certainly make a difference.

Besides Houdini glass, we have a range of glass types too. We take pride in making your interiors and exteriors look great. Glass impacts quality of living to a large extent. It is why, we believe, installing the right glasses brings joy to your home. Similarly, rt brings richness and grandeur to your office premises. Hospitals can introduce the calming effect by installing the right glasses. Schools benefit the greatest with pitch perfect glass installation schemes. By choosing the right glasses, they influence children’s minds in a positive way.

We help you ace the game, with our crew of specialists and experts in glass installations. Check out the glass solutions we provide for Singaporeans.