July 30, 2021

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How to Create a Stunning Garden Terrace

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Australian people regard their back yard as an integral component of the living space, and with such glorious weather for most of the year, that’s hardly surprising. If you have recently moved into a new build, or would simply like to start again from scratch, here are a few important tips on terrace design.

  • Setting Out the Boundaries – Of course, the size of your terrace would depend on the available space you have, and if space is not an issue, you can mark out a large area that will be more than adequate for your needs. You could take a leaf out of the professional’s book and peg out the area, while also creating a to-scale drawing.
  • Choosing Materials – You could look for quality hardwood decking in Brisbane, or alternatively, select natural stone pavers, whichever sounds more appealing. Most people prefer timber decking, as it is easy to maintain and keep clean, plus with seasoned hardwood, you have all the weather protection you need.
  • Concrete Foundation – This is the best type of foundation for a patio or terrace and if it is a large area, you should insert some steel reinforced mesh prior to pouring the concrete, which will provide added tensile strength. It is important to create a timber frame that sits on top of the base, which allows you to fix the hardwood lengths into place, plus the joins should be staggered, much like brickwork.
  • Choosing Garden Furniture – It is important that garden furniture will stand the test of time, and a popular choice is rattan on aluminium frames, which is weather resistant and looks natural. Of course, comfort in important and rather than buying online, you are advised to visit a large garden centre, where the furniture is displayed in a real-life outdoor setting and that allows you to test the furniture before you make any decisions.
  • Levels – Ideally, the terrace should slope away from the house, but only slightly, which allows excess rainwater to harmlessly drain away. You certainly don’t want hollows, as they will hold water, which is more than a little annoying, and by using a spirit level when forming the base, you can ensure that water runs away from the house.

There are lots of YouTube videos to help with every step of the project, plus you should make a list of tolls that you will need prior to starting work, then you can begin.