How to Hire a Reliable Deck Builder Near You?

Decking is a cost-effective way to extend your living space. An experienced local deck builder will recommend the best materials for decking and complete the installation as per the standards.

Compare quotes from different deck builders in your region and read reviews from clients to assist you in selecting the best local deck builder for the project.

Why You Will Need to Hire a Deck Builder

Decking extends your outdoor space and adds value to your house. A deck constructor will handle the entire project. The will:

  • Take accurate measurements
  • Discuss deck options and materials
  • Estimate cost
  • Plan the layout
  • Install your deck as per the building code

Types of Decking

Traditionally, decking was made of timber. Currently, there are many options you can choose from. They include:

  • Bamboo decking
  • Timber decking
  • Composite decking
  • UPVC decking

Timber Decking

If you like the aesthetic of natural timber, then you have numerous options, from hardwood and softwood timber decking to recycled timber. The most popular timber options for decking projects include:

  • Merbau
  • Treated pine
  • Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Silver ash
  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted gum

For any type of timber you choose, you will need to oil, seal or polish it. This is to give the timber a natural and glossier look. While you can use timber in wet regions, UPVC or composite decking might be the perfect option. Natural timber in poor areas or another wet region will need more maintenance.

Bamboo Decking

In most cases, bamboo is stained to resemble natural timber during the engineering procedure. Engineered bamboo is long and can be wider than natural decking timber. It is fast-growing, and its plantation has grown. For this reason, it’s considered a green option to natural timber. Bamboo fibers are extremely strong and not prone to termite infestation, but they must be well maintained. A deck made of bamboo will need routine cleaning and resealing with pressure washing recommended before resealing.

Composite Decking

Also known as wood-plastic composite decking, composite decking has become a popular substitute for natural timber. The decking combines timber end products, recycled plastics, and chemical components. It’s made in molds and can have a natural timber grain appearance, with colors ranging from natural timber to various strained effects.

If you opt for composite decking, buy a product with a longer warranty duration. You’ll pay more for superior quality, and you will be happy with the deck and will not need to replace or repair it soon.

UPVC Decking

UPVC decking is the perfect substitute for composite decking. While the older versions of UPVC were prone to cracking when subjected to heat, the new version has overcome that issue. They are easy to maintain and termite resistant.

If you are looking for a reliable local deck builder, you can rely on NorTex Fence AND Patio Company. They specialize in building high-quality decks that will offer value for your money.

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