July 30, 2021

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Show Floor Tips: Make Your Dealership Shine

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Owning a car dealership requires you to be knowledgeable about the cars you’re selling. You are constantly finding new ways to get customers into your showroom and hopefully drive away with a brand new car. No matter what kind of car you are trying to sell, from the moment the customer walks into the show floor you must create the perfect atmosphere for them to feel comfortable. From the layout and design of the showroom to the amenities and extra perks for the customer, each moment you engage with them is a moment you can use to your advantage to make a sale.

Exterior and First Impressions

Making a good first impression to the customer is the key to starting off on the right foot. The outside of the dealership should be clean and tidy. Banners and other decorations can attract attention from people passing by but be careful not to overdo it and have a cluttered entrance. Once the customers enter you want to have the best car models in clear view. Another great idea is to have different types of cars displayed. Having an SUV, sedan, and a sport car all laid out in the show room will give the customer a clear view of their choices.


The design and aesthetic of your show room can help provide a comfortable atmosphere while helping draw attention to the cars you are trying to sell. Walls can be painted with a soft colour like white, beige or egg tone. This with help the shiny new cars jump out in contrast with the rest fo the showroom. Your floors can be polished to give them a sleek, modern look while also remaining easy to clean. If you look around for concrete polishing North Sydney has many people who are right for the job.


Having amenities while they are visiting your dealership is a great way to strengthen relationships between you and the customer.

Some ideas you may consider include:

  • Snacks; Drinks
  • Kid’s Zone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment

Having refreshments for browsing customers is a great way to keep them happy. Higher end dealerships my even consider serving champagne for those interested in a luxury vehicle. Juice and other snacks are great as well in case some customers come with small children.

If space permits, having a small room or area where children can play can really be a life saver for many parents. This can be as easy as a small play place or box of toys that will let the kids have fun while mom and dad consider buying a new family van. Free Wi-Fi and entertainment like cable TV will let your customers relax if they are coming in for maintenance on their cars.