July 30, 2021

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What Are the Steps for Building a Pool on My Property?

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If you are thinking of having a swimming pool built in your garden, there’s a lot to consider. The very first thing to do is crunch the numbers to ascertain whether or not you can afford an in-ground pool, and if you are able to go ahead with such a project, here are the major steps to building a pool on your property.

  • Sourcing a Pool Contractor – Your choice of contractors could mean the difference between a first-class job and a mediocre one, and it is essential that you can view a few of their recently completed projects. A recommendation from a neighbour or colleague is even better, so do ask around and you might get lucky.
  • Choosing the Site – Once you have found an established pool contractor, who can sit down with you and discuss the many options, then you can think about size and location. Obviously, the bigger the pool, the more it will cost, and, of course, you might be limited by the space you have, but one way or another, the contractor can help you make the right decision regarding size, location and design.
  • Concrete or Fibreglass? – Both have their pros and cons, which is something to discuss with the pool contractor, and you can benefit from their wealth of experience to ensure that you have the best materials, the right size and the best location for the pool.
  • Site Preparation – The pool contractor would hire a surveyor to check what exactly is underneath the proposed site, and once that is done, the heavy machinery can get to work. While the contractor would be responsible for the earth removal, some homeowners prefer to use this soil to build up another area of the garden, which is obviously cheaper than having it removed. Once the form is dug out, the work can begin, with the drainage installed first, then the pool construction can be started, which would likely take a few days.
  • Safety Concerns – Every state in Australia requires a pool to be certified as safe, and with pool fence certifiers in Sydney, once the pool is finished and the fencing completed, the inspector would provide the necessary certification. The contractor would be very aware of the requirements, so you won’t have any concerns about this, as they would ensure that the fencing and gating is compliant.
  • Maintenance Instructions – Once the pool is full of water, the contractor would walk you through the maintenance schedule, plus they would issue you with a manual that contains all the information you need to service the pool. The filtration and pumps would be working and the contractor would carry out exhaustive tests to ensure that all is well, and in the event of any minor issues, they would only be a phone call away.

Obviously, you want a long warranty, which gives you peace of mind, and by covering the pool when not in use, this will prevent leaves and other objects from entering the water. If the pool is built by a professional, there’s very little that can go wrong, and you and your family can look forward to many years of sheer luxury with your very own swimming pool.