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Why You Should Use Roller Blinds With Your Windows

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Are you in the market for new window dressings? Feel like switching it up from traditional curtains? If so, then it may be high time for you to consider installing roller blinds. As many households go for more minimalist and clean cut imagery, blinds have risen in popularity. What exactly makes them so desirable for modern households? In this article, we cover why roller blinds are in demand at the moment.

Where Curtains are Lacking

Curtains have been the traditional choice of window dressings over the years. This is due to several reasons, including that of their ability to dim or block out sunlight, thus reducing glare and introducing privacy. Moreover, their shape, texture and design or colour have the ability to play in major role in a house’s interior design.

Unfortunately, curtains do have a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, they do require a relatively higher amount of maintenance. Owners are required to vacuum and wipe them down weekly while also sending them to the dry cleaners on a bimonthly basis. This is because they are prime targets for dust and mildew. Another con that curtains inherently have is that they visually take up large amounts of space in a room. As such, they can unintentionally shrink the perceived amount of space, making your room feel more cluttered or congested than it actually is.

How Roller Blinds Fare Against Curtains

As alluded to in the prior section, blinds have an edge over curtains in both maintenance and simplicity aspects. Unlike curtains, they fit very closely to the window, with little or no excess fabric. Consequently, no extra space is consumed while the clear segmentation of the window area and the rest of the wall creates extra visual space. Meanwhile, maintenance of blinds is kept low as most of their fabrics only require a regular wipe down. This means that they would normally not be required to be removed for cleaning.

Additionally, depending on the fabric chosen – translucent, sunscreen or block out; blinds are also capable of accomplishing the same window dressing functionalities.

Operation of Roller Blinds

Where roller blinds truly come into their own is in the simplistic operation that they offer. Operation is typically achieved through spring assisted, chain drive or fully motorised. All methods are intuitive to use and allow you to store the blinds within a small amount of space when not in used. Furthermore, since they are less exposed to dust and mildew, they are naturally more durable and hygienic.

Finding a Roller Blinds Supplier

Convinced about the advantages that roller blinds offer? If so then it is time for you to get in touch with a roller blinds Singapore supplier. Many options are available from home décor shops to blinds specialists. As such, you should spend time exploring the offers of each. Most importantly, get them to make recommendations based on your needs and images of your window space.